This is a very special, rare and unique collection of products containing REAL preserved Cherry blossoms. These Cherry Blossoms have been picked and preserved over a 6 week period and then shipped all the way to Australia! Cherry Blossoms, also known as the famous Japanese Sakura flower, are well known around the world for their gorgeously delicate, radiant, and transient beauty, but they are so much more than simply beautiful cherry blossom trees. The Sakura flower are tied directly to Japanese culture , history and identity. The Sakura came to embody the 'wabi-sabi' philiophosy and ideals of hope, impermanence and renewal for the Japanese. Each year the Japanese people gather to observe the blossoms in all their beauty, it is a reminder that although life is beautiful it is extremely short and should be cherished.

The Cherry Blossom season only lasts about a month with a 14 day blooming period , so these cherry blossoms are extremely special. As the owner of Kawaii Garage, Cherry Blossoms are very close to my heart. I lived in Japan for 5 months in 2019 and they are extremely sentimental to me. I really hope you guys can see just how special and meaningful these products are and love them just as much as i do. 

- Kawaii Garage x