• DURABLE TSURIKAWA original shape PINK

    INTRODUCING! Our brand new original shape Tsurikawa in DURABLE form.
    This Kawaii Garage original shape truly embodies what we are here at Kawaii Garage, cuteness mixed with a respect and love for the Japanese culture. Mixing both original Japanese shapes, the heart and circle , into one , truly brings you back to the origins of the Tsurikawa and where it all began as well as having our super kawaii spin on it! and thats what we're all about here at Kawaii Garage! This shape is exclusive to us and will be our new Kawaii Garage original shape we hope plenty of you will enjoy ♡
    These Tsurikawas are made from plastic so they are safe to hang from your car if you desire! Available in 4 colours! Strap is secure and is fastened by a screw for complete durability. Strap is included.
    PLEASE NOTE: This shape is owned by Kawaii Garage and is not to be re molded or re sold by any means.
    Kawaii Garage ♡
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