DISCOUNTED Real Cherry Blossom Tsurikawa

DISCOUNTED Real Cherry Blossom Tsurikawa

DISCOUNTED Real Cherry Blossom Tsurikawa black and rose gold

This Tsurikawa has been discounted due to the sakura buds being slightly harder to see in the resin due to a slight pouring error. Tsurikawa is still high quality and absolutely beautiful!

LIMITED & RARE COLLECTION REAL Cherry Blossom Tsurikawa.

REAL preserved sakura buds from JAPAN cast in a beautiful one of a kind Tsurikawa. Rare and unique, no 2 are the same. Comes with photographed strap. Customs will not be available for the Real Cherry Blossom Collection and a limited amount will be made, so if you get your hands on one of these, they will truly be one of a kind.

These Cherry Blossoms have been picked from real sakura trees and preserved over a 6 week period and then shipped all the way to us in Australia!

Cherry Blossoms, also known as the famous Japanese Sakura flower, are well known around the world for their gorgeously delicate, radiant, and transient beauty, but they are so much more than just beautiful cherry blossom trees. The Sakura flower are tied directly to Japanese culture , history and identity. The Sakura came to embody the 'wabi-sabi' philiophosy and ideals of hope, impermanence and renewal for the Japanese. Each year the Japanese people gather to observe the blossoms in all their beauty, it is a reminder that although life is beautiful it is extremely short and should be cherished.

The Cherry Blossom season only lasts about a month with a 14 day blooming period , so these cherry blossoms are extremely special. As the owner of Kawaii Garage, Cherry Blossoms are very close to my heart. I lived in Japan for 5 months in 2019 and they are extremely sentimental to me. I really hope you guys can see just how special and meaningful these products are and love them just as much as i do.  - Kawaii Garage x

PLEASE NOTE: PLEASE handle resin tsurikawas with care, for indoor use only. Breakages are non-refundable. Tsurikawas on our site are for aesthetic purposes only. Tsurikawas are all 100% hand-made and are crafted to the best possible standard but please note that some imperfections may be evident due to the hand-made nature.

WHAT IS A TSURIKAWA? The 'hang ring' otherwise known in Japan as a 'Tsurikawa' were originally attached inside cars, busses and trains for passengers to hold onto to keep their balance while the vehicile was in motion. Tsurikawas soon became popular amongst Japanese youths